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Species Photo's "L to S" 

MESEMBRYANTHEUM (PIGFACE)... a general groundcover coming in many brilliant colors ranging from pure white thru to deep reds. Varieties and size from Dwarf, medium to quite large fleshy leaves. It also has trailing varieties suitable for hanging baskets and compact shrub like types.

Mesembryanthemum... Dark Red
Mesembryanthemum... Scarlet Red

Mesembryanthemum... Yellow 

Trailing groundcover with masses of yellow daisy like flowers almost completely cover the foliage. Open sunny position H: 15cm






Mesembryanthemum... Mauve
Mauve, small leaf, prostrate, suitable for hanging baskets









Mesembryanthemum... Mauve Prostrate Medium leaf suitable for rockeries and hanging baskets or just to fill in a awkward empty area. Full Sun.
 Mesembryanthemum... Orange Medium leaves
 Orange flowers spring and summer, Full sun,  H: 30cm W:50cm





Mesembryanthemum... Pink Champagne

drosanthemum hispidum



Portulaca, Annual var







Portulaca Grandafloria, Perpetual variety... A succulent, ground hugging plant with red stems and cylindrical, bright green leaves.

The brightly-coloured flowers, are profuse throughout the Summer. Ideal for borders or rock gardens, or as pot plants. It requires a sunny position. A  plant for Spring and Summer Feed with liquid fertiliser when buds appear. Water when plants begin to wilt. Flowers throughout Summer.





Portulacaria afra... Jade Plant, Imperial Jade 












Portulacaria afra 'Tricolour'...  VARIEGATED, Attractive evergreen small shrub with variegated yellow-green leaves. Full sun to part shade.





Portulacaria "Coral Jade" ... Attractive evergreen small shrub with unusual coral-like green leaves that have a cup-like depression at the end of each petal, probably to collect water. Full sun to part shade.








 Peperomia Columella "Pearly Columns"...
 Miniature upright succulent from Peruvian Andes. A dwarf species with rich green translucent triangular leaves densely clustered along short stems. Height to 10cm. Great for hanging baskets. Light shade.
An unusual looking stick-like plant, very slow growing.
Sanseveria Hahnii... Broad dark green leaves with horizontal markings for a rosette. Full sun in well drained soil, H: 30cm



Senecio Articulatus is a very unusual succulent popularly known as "Candle Plant, "Hot Dog" or "Cigar Plant". It has grey-green swollen cigar shaped stems that are etched with dark green markings. A cluster of small ivy shaped leaves appear on the top of the stem.

The leaves are grey/green on the top with a tinge of purple underneath. The candle plant is mainly grown for its unusual candle-like stems that join each other and its attractive cluster of foliage. Flowers are pale yellow and bloom in spring/summer. Like all succulents a well drained soil mix is beneficial and requires part sun/part shade locations. Candle plants are best grown in containers and do well indoors on a well lit window sill. Can also be grown outdoors as a container plant in part sun/shade locations.












Sanseveria trifiscata ... Mother-in-Law's Tongue, Snake Plant