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Species Photo's "E to K"  

 Euphorbia Tirucalli: Firestick

Colorful, fast growing, drought tolerant succulents.Ideal for that hot, dry corner of your garden.  Grow to 1.5m in height. Spectacular greens, reds and yellows.  Can be used to make an eye-catching hedge.


Euphorbia milii 'Splendens'. Crown of Thorns... Origin: Madagascar. Height: to 70cm, width to 1m. This is a semi-prostrate form of the Crown of Thorns. The fleshy stems are covered in sharp thorns about 3-4cms long, and the leaves are mid green, oblong and fairly thin. It is deciduous in cool climates. It bears tiny yellowish flowers amidst bright red bracts for much of the year, most particularly in spring. Not frost hardy. Fairly slow growing. 

Gasteria 'Big Brother'

Graptoveria tricolour










HOYA Carnosa...
Also called "Indian Rope Plant" has an unusual curkled up leaf, almost looks diseased.

Great in hanging baskets.











Haworthia attenuata Zebra Plant... Origin: Cape Province. Stiff, dark green leaves striped with white bands form clumping rosettes. Small white tubular flowers are borne on long stalks in spring. Frost tender, prefers semi-shade. Keep reasonably moist in the warmer months, and dry in the cold.  

Haworthia cuspidata... Origin: Cape of Good Hope. Pale greyish green leaves are short and fat and form a stocky rosette about 6cm across.  

Haworthia fasciata Zebra Haworthia... Origin: South Africa. A small, clumping succulent, with upright, neat rosettes of grey-green with prominant white dots on the underside of the leaves. Tiny white flowers are borne on long, drooping bare stems throughout summer.  

Haworthia tessellata... Origin: Southern Africa. Dark, translucent, tricornered stiff green leaves with a network of pale green lines, form a star shaped rosette.

Kalanchoe Bells... succulent plant, up to 20-25cm high, with trailing growth habit and spread of approx. 50cm, perfect for hanging baskets, thick, fleshy leaves, either green (shade) or red (full sun), a beautiful trailing plant with a spectacular display of red tubular bell-shaped flowers in winter above bright green foliage. Well lit indoor or sheltered outdoor position.

 Kalanchoe blossfeldiana... 'The Candy Canes' ... Comes in many colours: Pinks, Reds, Yellows, cuttings strike very easily and this plant makes an inpressive border with a long flowering period. Best under some protection from frost... verandah or tree cover as it burns very easily but recovers quickly to replace burnt leaves.






KALANCHOE BRONZE SCULPTURE... Also called "Flap Jacks because of it's large leaves. striking green leaves with red tinted edges. Sunny position.







Kalanchoe Tomentosa... Pussy Ears









Kalanchoe Pixiebells... Small bushy succulent with pixie-like bells pink to burgundy with yellow throats, Sheltered position with filtered light, Prune after flowering







Kalanchoe Prolifera... Also known as Jurassic Kale, Kalanchoe prolifera is a giant species from the islandMadagascar, home of many oddities, this being no exception – looking like food for dinosaurs. Thick jointed stems are waxy, as are the opposite pairs of maroon-rimmed stout rubbery fishbone, succulent leaves rigidly ranked on handsome erect trunks. Terminal inflorescence of yellow flowers, each peeping from a bizarre dangling four-sided box-like bract, followed by a "proliferation" of plantlets, and gives the plant the common name Blooming Boxes (see picture insert). of Architecturally intriguing, this rubbery, extremely handsome, sculpture has become quite popular as an addition to summertime urns as an accent plant in recent years. If planted directly in your garden bed, this gentle giant can easily top eight feet by the time its enormous candelabra of blossoms crowns the succulent trunk. Growing this kalanchoe in a container or pot restricts their growth.

Kalanchoe Quicksilver... Silver grey fleshy leaves set off by lilac coloured urn shaped flowers in winter. Full sun suitable for hanging baskets.












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