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Photo's  Echeveria 

Echeveria Imbracata... This succulent has small, tight rosettes of grey-green leaves that create offsets freely. It stays 4 to 5 inches tall.Branched clusters of red and yellow flowers. It prefers full sun and is drought tolerant.


Echeveria 'Black Prince'
... A hybrid with lovely tight rosettes of chocolate brown.Scarlet flowers from summer to late autumn.  Full sun to part shade.





Echeveria 'Curlylocks'








Echeveria 'Doris Taylor'... (setosa x pulvinata) Woolly Rose. Glossy, deep green leaves with red tips, covered with white hair form a tall, robust rosette. 


Echeveria 'Golden Glow'... A relatively large form of echeveria, with solitary heads to 30cm. 


Echeveria 'Huth's Pink'



Echeveria 'Topsy Turvy'... Elegant salmon pink flowers from late spring to early autumn.Unusual shaped silver foliage.






Echeveria derenbergii... Painted Lady. Origin: Oaxaca State, Mexico. Small, globe shaped clustering rosettes of many thick, succulent pale green leaves. It forms offshoots very freely. Vivid yellow-red flowers are borne in spring. 

Echeveria elegans... Mexican Snowball, Pearl Echeveria, Hen & Chicks. Origin: Mexico. Height: 5cm x 45cm. Grows into a dense mound of waxy pale blue rosettes. Bell shaped flowers are coral pink with yellow petal tips on a pink stem. Marginally frost hardy.

ECHEVERIA EASTER BONNET... Super cultivar with flower heads up to 50cm across. Full sun

ECHEVERIA EMERALD RIPPLE... Fleshy deep green red tipped leaves with small red flowers throughout the year. Full sun.

ECHEVERIA EXOTICA... a striking rosette forming succulent featuring broad leaves that are purple-blue in color. Full sun.

ECHEVERIA BLUE CURL... Stunning curly leaf colors that intensify in the sun. Flower like rosettes up to 30cm across.

Echeveria fulgens... Origin: Mexico. This species forms a short stem ending in open rosettes of pale gray green cupped, spatulate succulent leaves with rosy margins. Flowers are yellow inside.

Echeveria glauca... Hen and Chicken   Origin: Mexicom Height: to 10cm. Pale, glaucuos blue leaves, red tipped, form open rosettes with numerous runners. Flowers are reddish outside and yellow within on long, thin stems. Quite fast growing.  Part Shade.

Echeveria Hoveyi... Origin: Mexico. Large, loose rosette of long fleshy spatulate leaves variegated in blends of pale blue-green, mauve, pink and cream and covered in a waxy, silvery bloom. Flowers are pink-orange.

Echeveria linguaefolia... Origin: Mexico. Thick, fleshy deep green, red tipped roundish leaves make a stemforming rosette. Flowers are cream.

... leaves of apple green in the shape of a rosette with pink edges intensifying in summer. Red flowers in summer. Full sun





Echeveria multicaulis... Origin: Guerrero. Waxy green, brown edged leaves form loose rosettes. Red flowers, yellowish inside.

Echeveria pallida... Origin: Argentina. Large, spoon-shaped pale green leaves form a spreading rosette. Bellshaped flowers are pink.

ECHEVERIA FOR PATIOS... A small variety with tight rosettes and a variety of fleshly leaves with colors from deep green, yellow, apricot, silver, pinkish grey and metallic blue.  Open sun to part shade.

Echeveria pulvinata ... Chenile Plant, Plush Plant. Origin: Oaxaca. Diameter: up to 10cm. Ash green red edged leaves are covered with a silver white felty hair and form a rounded clump of rosettes with rustcolour stems. Red to yellow-red flowers appear in winter to late spring on 30cm tall stems. Frost tender. 

Echeveria subsessilis... syn.: E. peacockii. Origin: Mexico. Broad leaves edged in red form a compact rosette covered with a waxy, bluish white bloom. Flowers are bright red. 


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