BULK POTTING MIX PACK METHOD: suggestion from a customer...


Some people say they would buy larger quantities of cuttings if it wasn’t for the problem of having to buy pots and actually pot-up so many... time consuming, but also expensive to buy new pots.

Well there is a very simple, very easy, very cheap method…

Simply buy a bag of potting mix: ($4)

1.  Take a screwdriver and make approx 20 holes in the back of the potting mix bag

2.  Turn it over and cut out a neat square in the front exposing the potting mixture

3.  In a standard size bag you can plant from 60 to 100 cuttings.


1.  If you want to do this on a table then make sure that you have a piece of wood under the bag to carry it to it’s final position, otherwise it’s impossible to move once fully planted.

2.  It’s a good idea to water the mix first and let it drain and compact before starting to plant

3.  Make a long trench (25-50mm deep)… put in a row of cuttings and backfill the trench

4. Continue making trenches until the bag is full of new cuttings.

5.  Place the bag in a bright, but not sunny position for 8-12 weeks.

6.  Water regularly (sprinkle carefully) but do not keep sopping wet.

7.  Start transplanting cuttings into your garden as soon as they show new growth… usually around 10 weeks but they can be left for up to 12 months if you want a really good root growth.



I just read an interesting book by a noted collector of succulents where he claimed that more succulents are killed by lack of water than by overwatering !!! Many people think that they can just plant and forget but of course that is not true because succulents in their various natural habitats do take in moisture every night in small amounts and they store this for later use. So please don't assume that your plants will survive without some water. Most succulents have a surface root system so they can take up moisture from a very light rain or watering but the occasional heavy watering won't kill them.
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We have just added a new 70 all different pack to our range. One of the problems when customers re-order packs is that we don't know what they ordered previously so in most cases we probably send them the same old cuttings again. IT IS IMPORTANT to tell us what you have previously ordered so that we can try to pick out a different selection this time.
We are coming into the hot period again so please keep any new cuttings in a bright position (but not direct sunlight) for 4-6 weeks until they get their roots established.


POTS IN WINTER TIME: I hate this cold weather but the succulents seem to thrive... Who says you don't have to water them ? Be careful if you have pots in full sun, even if it has been raining you may find that your pots have dried out.


South Aussie Customers:  We are now open to any customer to visit our garden, take the tour, ask questions and buy if you feel like it. Open 7 days but it's a good idea to phone first in case we've gone to lunch or something.


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Frost-prone areas: Most  succulents are frost hardy unless it is a particularly heavy frost. The answer to frost is to do a heavy water with the hose and wash off any ice before the sun hits the plants. Apparently the frost is not the main problem, its the sun that burns faster than the plant can naturally defrost the frozen water stored inside the chunky petals.


Zygo Cactus... As soon as they stop flowering (Normally mid august) cut them back very hard, just leave the bottom 3" section and put all the cuttings in new pots if you want more plants. Once they have struck if you are going to put them in a hanging basket them plant 3-5 cuttings close together in the centre and you'll get a great display plant.


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